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New E-book Uses David vs. Goliath Story to Improve Understanding of Personal Injury Cases

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The Biblical story of David vs. Goliath is the archetypal tale of an underdog confronting a larger, more powerful opponent and emerging victorious. It’s a fitting analogy for the situation that personal injury victims face when they confront insurance companies after serious accidents. People who have suffered significant harm must battle Goliath-sized insurance companies and corporations to demand justice and seek compensation for their injuries. But they should not go it alone.

In a new e-book David vs. Goliath: What you need to know about personal injury lawyers and how they can fight to seek justice for you, Alabama attorney Aaron Gartlan draws upon the Bible story lesson to discuss how people can put themselves in the best position for success if they need to take on modern-day corporate giants in personal injury litigation. 

The e-book is intended to help accident victims understand their rights, the claims process, and the obstacles that they may encounter when pursuing an injury claim. David did not face the mighty giant alone. People who have personal injury cases should not take on insurance companies without experienced legal representation. 

Attorney Aaron Gartlan shares the insights and experience he has acquired from more than two decades of helping people in Alabama pursue compensation for injuries and other harm caused by others’ negligence or disregard for safety. 

You can download a free copy of Aaron Gartlan’s e-book at the following webpage. Being well-informed and prepared will maximize your chances of success.

What are the challenges that people
face after a serious accident?

Misplaced trust

Misplaced Trust

People injured in serious accidents such as car crashes, truck wrecks, or workplace accidents often mistakenly trust that the insurance company and other corporations will treat them fairly. They don’t realize that they are up against a large corporation that is focused on protecting its profit margin at the expense of injured people.

Insurance company tactics

Insurance Company Tactics

Large corporations use a variety of delay tactics and tricks to deny or minimize valid injury claims to save money. Insurance adjusters try to discourage accident victims from hiring an attorney. They seek to wear down injured people who are in pain and financial distress and pressure them to accept puny settlements or just give up.

Lack of preparation

Lack of Preparation

Beating big corporations requires careful preparation to demonstrate liability, injuries, and damages. It’s critical to have an attorney start collecting information such as police reports, witness statements, medical records, and other potential evidence as soon as possible before the evidence deteriorates or is lost.

Misunderstanding of injury costs

Misunderstanding of Injury Costs

If you have been seriously injured in an accident, it’s difficult to estimate your losses, particularly if you are still receiving medical treatment. Most people undervalue their actual losses. Many get shortchanged by insurance companies. It’s a tactical mistake to deal with the insurer directly and provide an estimate of your losses. It undermines your power to negotiate. Insurance adjusters are trained negotiators, and you should have an experienced attorney negotiating on your behalf to have the best chance of getting full value for your claim.

Stones of success

Stones of Success

Just as the shepherd boy David selected five smooth stones to put in his slingshot, you need a skilled attorney who follows the five strategies for success—a preliminary strategy, early and thorough preparation, recruitment of an army of experts, knowledge of the defense and shepherding the client. Success is never guaranteed when taking on a larger opponent. but having a fighting chance to succeed requires following the process of developing a game plan and thorough preparation.

Selection of the right attorney

Selection of the Right Attorney

Highly skilled personal injury attorneys have established ways of preparing cases and pursuing success according to proven methods. Contacting the right law firm as soon as possible after a serious accident is a key to protecting your rights. A highly skilled attorney will act quickly to preserve evidence and thoroughly prepare your case as if it’s going to trial. Most cases are settled out of court. But thorough preparation allows the attorney to negotiate a settlement from a position of strength and to be ready for trial if the insurance company refuses to agree to a just settlement.

Attorney Aaron Gartlan addresses all of these topics in detail and discusses frequently asked questions involving accident cases and workplace injury cases. Download a free copy of Aaron Gartlan’s e-book at the following link.

Aaron Gartlan

Skilled, Compassionate Advocate for Injured People

A successful personal injury attorney based in Dothan, Alabama, Aaron Gartlan is a member of the National Trial Lawyers Association’s Top 100 Trial Lawyers as well as the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and Multi-Million Advocates Forum. After reading his ebook, you will have a better understanding of what to expect if you need to battle a giant.

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