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Client Testimonials

“Wonderful. Mr. Gartlan was very helpful and insightful and sympathetic. Answered all of my questions even the ones I thought were silly.”

— ES

“I have used the Gartlan Injury Law a few times and never once have they made me feel like I was just another “client” instead they treated me as if I were family and treated my case as if it were their own. They are very professional, and extremely thorough at explaining the aspects of your case. I would recommend this law firm to anyone needing any kind of legal advice or services. They are prompt with responses to your calls and emails as well as in person meetings. They are lawyers who truly care about the cases that they take on.”

— TB

“Helpful!! I recommend Aaron Gartlan. I have used Gartlan Injury Law for both personal and professional needs and I find them very thorough and courteous. I know very little about the law and my rights within the law so my biggest concern is not being able to communicate my issues and concerns. When counseling with Mr. Gartlan he has always been very judicious in his approach to dealing with the legal matters I have presented him. But just as important he helps me understand the severity or lack of and has more times than not helped me avoid the situation all together.”

— SS

“Wonderful lawyer. I recommend Aaron Gartlan. Mr. Gartlan is an awesome lawyer. Aaron is very knowledgeable and professional. He worked swiftly, diligently, and brought a sense of ease to my family. I’d highly recommend his services to anyone that needs legal advice/ representation.”

— NC

“Wonderful Lawyer. I recommend Aaron Gartlan. Mr. Aaron Gartlan is a wonderful lawyer. He was very helpful and understanding. He let me know what to expect and was upfront on everything. I highly recommend Aaron Gartlan as a lawyer.”

— MC

“The Best Attorney! I recommend Aaron Gartlan. Great Attorney Client Relationship! I enjoy working with Attorney Gartlan and have always received the best legal advice and always have had my concerns addresses immediately. I often send messages late in the evenings and early mornings and my responses are always handled quickly and professionally! I feel extremely comfortable with dealing with my attorney, he always explains legal terms where I can understand them! I feel secure and trust my attorney to look out for my best interest at all times.”

— KM

“I recommend Aaron Gartlan. Mr. Gartlan is a great attorney. He has help me with two personal injury cases. He is very trust-worthy and an upstanding man. I am honored to write a review for him.”

— BM

“I recommend Aaron Gartlan. Mr. Gartlan was very helpful and courteous throughout the entire process. He is also a very knowledgeable and efficient attorney. I highly recommend his services.”

— JD

“Extremely pleased with the outcome of my case involving a car accident that wasn’t my fault. Mr. Gartlan and his associate Candice were very timely, fair and efficient in getting the job done. I got what I needed to resolve the case. I would highly recommend him!”

— Josie

“I recommend Aaron Gartlan. Mr. Gartlan is a great attorney. Answered all my questions. Was always very easy to get in touch with. He also kept me informed of everything that was going on and wanted to make sure my case was closed with the best possible outcome for me and my daughter. I highly recommend him if you ever need an attorney after an accident!”

— HS

“I really appreciate the working relationship with David Hogg and Aaron Gartlan. Both are very involved in the representation of their clients. They care deeply about all of their clients. Such compassion inspires them to make the best interests of their clients the top priority for each of their cases. David and Aaron both come from modest economic backgrounds. This perspective allows them to be zealous advocates for those they represent. David and Aaron are also both very involved in their communities. This involvement allows them to have resources that often enhance the value of the cases they work on. David and Aaron can be reached at any time and also have ideas and a work ethic that enhances the strength of their endeavors. They are trustworthy and honor all of their promises. It is an honor to work with one of the emerging firms in southeast Alabama.”

— Matt Glover, Esquire

“The Gartlan firm was great to work with when I had a rear end collision. Professional and clear about the process of getting myself and my car fixed. It’s a hassle to be involved a wreck and not feeling well makes it harder. Candice at the Hogg and Gartlan firm was kind and understanding and worked so hard to handle all the aspects of getting myself and my vehicle back in working order.”

— anonymous

“We consulted with and hired Aaron Gartlan due to a severe car accident my son was involved in on 07/22/18. He was rear ended by another vehicle that pushed his car under the SUV in front of him. The first time I spoke to Aaron on the phone I was completely stressed but after speaking with him it was like the world was lifted off my shoulders and he even gave his personal cell phone number in case my son or I had any other questions. When we first consulted with Aaron Gartlon and his assistant Candice they explained the process completely. Even after we hired Aaron, he and Candice kept us informed during the entire process. The case settled way before I thought it would be and my son received more than we assumed he would. I know Aaron and Candice had my son’s best interest as their priority and I can’t say enough good about them. We are very thankful to them both and if the need comes up again we will hire Aaron Gartlon again.”

— Debra

“I endorse this lawyer. Having worked with this lawyer I am aware of his intelligence and diligence with which he represents his clients. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again.”

— David Hodge, Business Attorney in Huntsville, AL

“Amazing person to represent you. Mr. Gartlan was my attorney for 2 car accident cases. If I had any questions or concerns there was always someone available to answer my questions. He worked hard to get me a fair settlement and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Thanks for representing me and my family.”

— Joyce

“Aaron is an outstanding attorney and his compassion for the client really shines through. His ability to fight for the rights of his clients really sets him apart when dealing with tough negotiations. He is a great advocate and I would personally recommend him to my clients and friends in Dothan and throughout the state of Alabama. I endorse this lawyer’s work. He is top notch!!”

— Joel DiLorenzo, Defective and Dangerous Products Attorney in Birmingham, AL

“Aaron had great communication during my lawsuit process. I was very happy with he and his staff. If I am ever put in the situation again where I need an attorney for this, I will definitely be reaching out to Aaron again.”

— Ryan

“It is without hesitation that I endorse Aaron not only as a very fine trial lawyer, but as an ethical attorney who truly cares about his clients. I have had the pleasure to work with Aaron on several occasions and I witnessed firsthand his diligence, attention to detail, and tenacity in fighting for his clients. He is without a doubt one of the best trial attorneys in central and south Alabama.”

— Coe Baxter, Personal Injury Lawyer in Tuscaloosa, AL

“Mr. Gartlan is an excellent attorney. He is professional, knowledgeable while caring for his clients. He and his staff made sure we were aware of all options and what they entailed. He met with us one on one on several occasions as well as kept us informed with emails and phone calls. He went out of his way to help us. We obtained the decision we had hoped for by following the directions given to us by Mr. Gartland. He was a pleasure to work with and if we were ever needing an attorney in the future he would be our First choice.”

— Dee

“I was charged with a crime I am innocent of. Mr Gartlan took my case and did not rest until the court dismissed the charges. He handled every detail in a professional manner and made sure I knew when I needed to be there. I didn’t worry about a thing. I highly recommend him!”

— Susan

“I endorse this lawyer. Aaron and I have worked on numerous cases together and Aaron is always prepared and willing to fight for his clients. In addition to being a great advocate, Aaron is also a legal scholar whom I would recommend without hesitation.”

— James Jacobs, Personal Injury Lawyer in Ariton, AL

“A hired Robert Gartlan to handle my wife’s car accident where she was rear ended and he was able to help us through the process of figuring out what to do and how to do it. His passion and concern for her made me feel very comfortable and I would highly recommend his service to anyone else.”

— Dwayne

“I endorse this lawyer. He is honest to a fault and a responsible legal scholar who is a credit to his profession. As a now retired state Judge of 28 years, I have observed and dealt with most attorneys in South East Alabama.”

— Gary McAliley, Personal Injury Lawyer in Enterprise, AL

“This law firm was very helpful and always gave me every option possible and their thoughts on the outcome! Always kept me in the loop, and worked hard to get my case settled so I didn’t have to go to court!”

— Bailey

“Two of the best attorneys and gentlemen that I know.”

— Private Investigator Jim Faust

“Mr. Gartlan and the legal team was wonderful to work with. They went above and beyond to get me everything I deserved and needed. I will be recommending them to everyone I know. They are head and shoulders above everyone else in Alabama.”

— Nick

“Mr. Gartlan is an excellent and efficient attorney that I would recommend to any of my family or friends. He not only helped with with a case that occurred over 10 years ago, but was able to help me obtain an expungement quickly, effectively and highly affordably! He is a valuable asset to the legal world! He deserves 6 stars!”

— anonymous

“Very pleased with the service I received. Candice, as she consulted with Mr. Gartlan, was able to keep me abreast of the process and my claim.”

— Linda

“I went to Mr. Gartlan’s firm after we lost our car. I determined a few weeks after the accident that the pain I was having in my arm and back was a result of that accident and went to him to understand what to do next. Not only did they walk me through how to proceed from there but they dealt with the insurance companies, got all my medical bills paid for, and the loss of the car completely compensated. All this was done in a timely manner with professionalism, attentiveness to my emotional stress, and full communication the whole time. I recommend working with Aaron Gartlan and his firm and would go to them again.”

— Allison

“Helped me with my personal injury problems very well. Including referred me to an excellent chiropractor that also helped me get better very quickly!”

— Client

“A while back I was involved in a fairly serious car accident. I was injured and hospitalized for a few days. I was very concerned about the ramifications of the accident, because the driver at fault was only a teenager and I couldn’t work for almost 4 months. I personally knew Aaron and he was quick to offer his help, along with the help of his firm. Aaron was always available and very friendly and professional even when I didn’t understand something or had questions. Everyone within his office that I came in contact with was always very courteous and treated me with respect. After fighting for what we believed to be fair, Aaron was able to reach a settlement that he made sure I was pleased with and for that I am grateful. The Gartlan Injury Law are great people doing great work.”

— DR

“My husband and I were involved in a MVA through no fault of our own in March 2015. Our accident involved the fatality of the at fault driver which made this a very difficult time for us. Aaron and Candice were nothing but helpful and caring throughout the entire process. They explained the process and walked with us EVERY step of the way. They checked in with us and kept us posted throughout. We have nothing but great things to say about Aaron and his team and would highly recommend them to anyone.”

— JP & NP

“Aaron and Candace were absolutely the most professional and informing people I’ve ever dealt with. Any time I ever had a question or didn’t understand something they were always there to help and answered my questions promptly. I always felt comfortable with talking to them and with doing an interview I had to do with an adjuster. They helped prepare me for the interview and it went great. Candace always kept in touch with me as far as where we were in the case and what the next step was. I was never in the dark with what was going on. They were very professional and honest with me from the start. I was very nervous at first because this was my first experience with a lawyer and having to file a claim against someone. Aaron and Candace sat me down and thoroughly explained the process and fees, and I never left with questions. I honestly felt like they were looking out for me and doing what they could to help me versus them doing what they could to benefit them! I greatly appreciate Aaron and Candace for making this experience easy and I would recommend them to anyone!”

— Kathryn

“Mr. Gartlan is a great attorney. Answered all my questions. Was always very easy to get in touch with. He also kept me informed of everything that was going on and wanted to make sure my case was closed with the best possible outcome for me and my daughter. I highly recommend him if you ever need an attorney after an accident!”

— Helen

“Mr. Gartlan recently handled an injury case for me and did an excellent job. He and his assistant, Candice, always kept me informed of what was going on every step of the way. I highly recommend Mr. Gartlan and his team if you need legal help with an injury claim.”

— Diane

“When my husband was wrongly accused of a serious crime by a very disturbed family member, we hired Mr. Gartlan for representation on the recommendation of another. It turned out to be the best choice we could have made. From the beginning, Aaron listened to our story with the open mind of someone invested in not only earning his money or winning his case, but in truly helping our family. It became obvious to us early on that he genuinely believed in my husband’s innocence, which was extremely important to us going forward. What was even more helpful and important to us was that Aaron was very familiar with the justice system in the county in which my husband was charged, so he was able to explain to us how and why things had proceeded the way they had. He helped us somewhat comprehend a situation that was completely illogical in the way it had been handled by law enforcement and the District Attorney’s office.
Thanks to the experience that Aaron has, he and his assistant, with the partnership of another attorney and the help of a private investigator, were ultimately able to put together a tremendous amount of evidence that contradicted nearly every detail of the prosecution’s case, and proved that the alleged victim’s entire story was a complete fabrication.
All of this was done prior to the trial date, and fortunately Aaron maintains a relationship with the District Attorney’s office that allowed him to communicate with them prior to trial about the facts in the case and what evidence we had that would destroy their case. That, combined with the fact that the alleged victim did not want to return to the state for trial so would have to be brought forcefully, ultimately led the District Attorney’s office to dismiss all of the charges.
While it would have been ideal for the law enforcement officers involved to have actually done some sort of investigating prior to charging my husband solely based upon the story of a disturbed person, we are thankful that when he was arrested and charged, we were given Aaron Gartlan’s name. We are thankful to have moved past the horrible experience and are grateful for the hard work that Aaron and his team did to help us do so.”

— anonymous

“Our family was extremely blessed to have worked with Mr. Gartlan. He took time to review and investigate every detail of our case. He helped ease our apprehensions and answer all questions. His law firm worked quickly and efficiently to solve our son’s case. We were very pleased with the outcome and are extremely thankful to have worked with Mr. Gartlan. We highly recommend his law firm.”

— FS

“They were great. They took care of us treated us well. Kept in touch with us through out everything. They truly made a hard and difficult time easier. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much.”

— SB

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