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    A bad faith insurance claim is a shame since that often means a high stress situation for you and your loved ones. After all, insurers are supposed to act in good faith and take care of their customers. Unfortunately, slogans, such as You’re in Good Hands or Like a Good Neighbor, often turn out to be little more than empty promises.

    The wrongful denial or unfair settlement of claims is commonplace. There is actual “boardroom approval” of fraud designed to mislead consumers while increasing the profits of large insurance companies. In fact, Insurance companies have either denied coverage or charged higher premiums for African Americans, based solely on the fact that they are African Americans.

    Claimants find themselves without money or recourse to pay for meda man shocked about an insurance policyical bills, property damage, lost work time and productivity, and other damages. You need not just a lawyer but the right lawyer how knows the lay of the land with an insurance bad faith claim.

    The good news is that the law constrains insurers by their contracts. When they underwrite policies and handle policyholders’ claims, they must act in good faith and obey the law or risk getting dragged into litigation for acting in bad faith which creates a bad faith insurance claim or fraud in some cases from.

    The bad faith insurance lawyers at Gartlan Injury Law welcome the opportunity to represent good hard working people and families that are victims of unfair settlement or wrongfully denied claims. We never represent insurance companies and only represent individuals who have been treated unfairly by their insurance carriers.


    a Dothan, AL bad faith insurance lawyer meets with a family about their claimThe attorneys at Gartlan Injury Law can help you understand what the insurance company has done, why it’s done it, and what to do next to resolve your case in the most effective, efficient way. If an insurance company; denied a claim for no good (or legal) reason, we can fight for a good outcome for you and your loved ones.

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    Facts On A Bad Faith Insurance Claim in Alabama

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    Angry business man talking on phone disputing looking at laptop.These tactics are designed to intimidate, frustrate, and scare away victims from pursuing rightful claims. Unfortunately, many claimants do not recognize just how common these “bad faith” practices are — nor do they appreciate the lengths to which insurance companies go to keep consumers in dark.

    For instance, insurance companies have done a very effective job of painting personal injury attorneys as “ambulance chasers” who file spurious lawsuits and inflate healthcare costs.

    The reality is just the opposite.

    Young skeptic couple meet lawyer dissatisfied with terms of suspicious contract.It’s the insurance companies (or, rather, their representatives) who are often first to the hospital, right after bad auto crashes (and other awful events). They’re there not to ensure that the victim gets fair treatment but rather to minimize the potential claim.

    Don’t take our word for it. Objective analyses done by the Washington Post, and other respected journalistic organs have exposed widespread dubious practices in the insurance industry.

    So What Can You Do?

    At Gartlan Injury Law, we have the experience, tools and connections to help fight a bad faith insurance claim case. We have the knowledge to effectively deal with all aspects of insurance cases- interpreting policies, medical records, and property evaluations, as well as corresponding with insurance agents. Our experience and resources allow us to challenge even the most prominent of insurance companies on an insurance bad faith claim.

    When we win an insurance case, a claimant may receive compensation for denied policy benefits as well as for damages and attorney fees. In extreme instances, the court may award punitive damages against the insurance company for acting in bad faith or committing insurance fraud.

    Call us today at (334) 699-4625 to schedule a free and thorough consultation about your insurance bad faith claim. Let us help fight for justice for you.

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