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Defeat the Giant Goliath Insurance Company

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  • Demonstrates the understanding of the Pressures Your Family and You Face
  • Exposes the Nine Great Myths Created by Goliath and His Army
  • Teaches Seven Key Mistakes Accident/Injury Victims Make in Trusting the Modern-Day Goliath
  • Puts the resources David used to slay Goliath to work for you
  • Shows you exactly what to do after an accident
  • Learn what to do if you already made mistakes in dealing with Goliath
  • Giving you answers to Frequently Asked Questions by Our Accident/Injury Clients
  • Download David vs. Goliath

David vs. Goliath: The Survival Guide Before, During and After the Trial

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This survival guide is an addendum to the book, David vs. Goliath: The Slingshot, Shepherd’s Bag, Five Smooth Stones and Invisible Armor you Need for Justice.

You will learn the following and more:

  • The Basic Steps at Any Accident or Injury Site
  • Getting the Right Attorney
  • Should you Accept a Settlement or Go to Trial
  • Types of Compensation You May Receive
  • 8 “Must Dos to Maximize You Case
  • Goliath’s Plan to Get You To Give In
  • … And more
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“The Gartlan Injury Law Personal Injury and Accident Report”

Alabama injury attorneys answer in depth for you in this 40 page special report 33 questions people ask most often when they talk with us. The link opens a new tab or window. Save the PDF file to your computer.

Dothan Alabama Personal Injury Attorney Aaron Gartlan will answer questions like these for you and more in the audio downloads below:

  • What is the first thing you tell people to do when there has been a personal injury?
  • How do you determine that I have a case at all?
  • How do you determine the value of my case?
  • Now I see at least one insurance company advertising on TV that they will be right out to the scene of my accident even or very quick anyway and pay me right away as if they are doing me a favor. Are they doing me a favor doing that?
  • I really can’t afford medical and/or psychological treatment – what happens to me and my case then?
  • I had a car wreck in the past and the nice insurance adjustor lady wanted to interview me and record the interview. Should I do that for them?
  • I know you think someone should have a lawyer right from the beginning so will you tell folks why should I use a lawyer instead of doing it myself?
  • What happens if I have to take a personal injury case to court?

Just click on the link below and get your questions answered. Each audio will last about 8 minutes each. Don’t have time to listen to them all then come back and start up where you left off is just fine. If you want to download them on to your computer then right click and click on “Save Target As…” and save it to the location you select on your computer.

Once you have listened to the audios you may have even more questions so do call us when you are ready for your free, no obligation consultation.

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