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Slip and Fall Accident

A slip and fall rarely is a minor accident. Victims often suffer severe, painful injuries. They can be left with a pile of medical bills and the inability to work for a long period of time. In some cases, people with slip and fall injuries suffer from a permanent disability that prevents them from ever going back to their old job and way of life. It can be a challenging, difficult time.

Attorney Aaron Gartlan and our personal injury lawyers at Gartlan Injury Law understand the serious nature of these accidents. If a property owner’s negligence caused you to suffer injuries in a slip and fall in Dothan or elsewhere in Alabama, we will do everything we can to pursue the personal injury compensation that you deserve and to help you get your life back on track. Contact our Dothan personal injury attorney now to discuss your case.

What Types of Injuries are Caused by Slip and Fall Accidents?

The injuries resulting from a slip and fall accident can change your life. This is why you should see a doctor as soon as possible if you have suffered a fall on someone else’s property. At Gartlan Injury Law, we frequently work with slip and fall victims who have suffered injuries such as:

  • Soft tissue injuries – These injuries range from minor ankle sprains to excruciating tears in tendons and ligaments. Soft tissue injuries aren’t always apparent right away. If left untreated, they can cause chronic pain and make a person more susceptible to future injuries.
  • Broken bones – These injuries often require multiple surgeries and leave patients in chronic pain. A long hospitalization and rehabilitation may be necessary after breaking a bone.
  • Cuts and bruises – In some cases, deep bruises and lacerations can cause debilitating pain and lead to long-term problems.
  • Head injuries – Any time after an accident, a person should seek medical attention for a potential head or brain injury such as a concussion.  Traumatic brain injuries can be catastrophic. Unfortunately, they do not always present themselves right away.
  • Spinal cord injuries During a slip and fall accident, discs in the spine can easily become dislodged or ruptured. The most severe spinal cord injury, paralysis, could also result from a fall.

A woman with a broken leg in a cast after suffering a slip and fall accident in Dothan. Our Alabama slip and fall attorneys can gather all of your medical records and consult with doctors about the effect of a slip and fall on your overall health and ability to work. He will also listen closely to you and take the time to understand the impact of your injuries on your enjoyment of life. Our goal will be to secure a settlement or judgment that fully and fairly compensates you.

Why Do Slip and Falls Happen in Dothan?

A slip and fall can happen for many different reasons and are generally caused by hazardous conditions. Typically, the accident occurs because a property owner allows a dangerous condition to exist on the property without taking any steps to repair or remove it or, at the very least, to warn visitors about it. At Gartlan Injury Law, we often work with clients in the Dothan, Alabama area who have suffered injuries in falls that involved:

  • Spilled liquids
  • Freshly mopped floors
  • Loose tile or floorboards
  • Torn or frayed carpeting
  • Broken handrails
  • Dim lighting
  • Uneven or cracked pavement
  • Concealed holes or objects
  • Ice or slush.

Many of these accidents occur at large stores such as Walmart, Publix or Winn-Dixie. Often, store employees see a slip and fall hazard and simply ignore it, exposing customers to the risk of serious injury. If you suffer harm due to this type of negligence, Gartlan Injury Law can help you to explore all of your options for recovering compensation. We know how important this compensation can be as you move forward.

How Do Slip and Fall Injury Claims Work in Dothan, Alabama?

Alabama’s premises liability law places a duty on property owners to keep their property in a clean and safe condition. When they fail to do so, accident victims can hold property owners liable for compensation to cover the costs of their injuries and other losses. The law applies equally to commercial and residential property owners.

The duty of care which a property owner owes to a visitor will depend on the visitor’s status. Visitors to a property are classified into three different categories under Alabama law. The category which a visitor falls into will have great bearing on his or her personal injury claim.

Invitees are individuals that are invited onto the property for business purposes. The invitation can be express or implied. For example, business owners implicitly invite members of the public into their establishment simply by being open. Property owners owe the highest duty of care to invitees.

Licensees, on the other hand, are individuals that are allowed onto the property, but they are not there for business purposes. Social guests invited into a home, or members of the public that enter a property with permission for recreational purposes, are examples of licensees. Property owners still owe licensees a high duty of care. However, the duty is not as great as it is for invitees.

Trespassers are individuals that are not legally on a property, and they do not have the owner’s permission to be there. Property owners typically do not owe a duty of care to trespassers. In some instances, however, such as in the case of trespassing children, property owners do owe some duty of care.

To establish a slip and fall claim in Dothan, you will need to show that the property owner failed to fulfill the duty of care owed to you, or breached it. For instance, the property owner may have owed a duty to inspect the property for hidden hazards and warn you about any hazards that the owner knew or reasonably should have known about. If you suffer injuries because the owner breached this duty, you may be eligible to recover compensation in a slip and fall accident claim.

How Much Time Do You Have to File a Slip and Fall Claim in Dothan, Alabama?A woman injured in a fall speaking with a Dothan slip and fall lawyer about her injury claim.

Alabama, like all other states, has a statute of limitations that applies to slip and fall claims. This is the time limit that you have to file the lawsuit. If you file your claim after the statute of limitations has expired, you will be barred from recovering any compensation. Under Alabama law, you have two years from the date of your accident to file a lawsuit.

Get Help from an Experienced Dothan Slip and Fall Lawyer

At Gartlan Injury Law, we are passionate about helping slip and fall accident victims to pursue the compensation they deserve. If you have been hurt due to a property owner’s negligence, contact our personal injury lawyers in Dothan, Alabama to schedule your free initial consultation. If your loved one has passed away after being hurt in a slip and fall accident, you can also speak to a wrongful death attorney. After reviewing your case, we will advise you of your legal options and assist with your case every step of the way. We can help you gain compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, and even pain and suffering. Contact our law offices today.

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