What Happens If I Wait Too Long To file My Lawsuit? Part Two (2) and Conclusion

by Aaron Gartlan

October 14, 2016 | Lawsuits

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In part two (2) and the conclusion of this edition, Aaron Gartlan discuss and address issues related to the question: What happens if I wait too long to file my lawsuit?

Evidence from the scene can also be destroyed, lost, or rendered irrelevant or useless. For instance, consider the case of an auto accident. If you took a picture of the crash scene right after the crash, that picture could be extremely useful for your case. If you wait several hours — until after the debris is cleared — and then you take a picture, that picture could still be somewhat useful… just not as much. Now imagine if you wait several weeks or even months before documenting the damage to your car. Eventually, this evidence becomes essentially useless, legally speaking. Evidence from the scene that is beyond your control can also legally disappear, such a commercial vehicle and black box data. This can seriously compromise your case.

Lastly, Goliath loves when you delay. Goliath is smart enough to be on the ball, particularly when his financial interests are significantly at stake. Indeed, it is not uncommon for Goliath to come right into your hospital room to begin the process of trying to get your claim stunted or dismissed. Although a lawsuit is not exactly a race, you certainly do not want to be a position where Goliath has a several week or even a several day head-start to prepare for your action. If this happens, witness statements can be manipulated and evidence can be tampered with, which can compromise your case.

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