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by Aaron Gartlan

February 26, 2014 | Auto Accidents

An aggressive, ethical, prepared Alabama personal injury lawyer can help you and your family obtain justice by addressing unsafe conditions and compensation for lost work productivity, hospital and surgical bills, and other damages such as pain, suffering and mental anguish.

Unfortunately, the road to victory is often neither simple, nor intuitive. The person or company who harmed you may put up an aggressive – potentially even unethical – defense. Or the insurance company may fight your claim or even refuse to pay, for no good reason.

Our injury attorneys have experience fighting complex, subtle cases. We can protect you from the bullying tactics that insurers use to deny fair claims and intimidate victims.

Understanding Personal Injury Law in Alabama

If you or someone you love has been hurt physically, emotionally, or mentally by another person (or company) because of wanton or reckless conduct, negligence, carelessness, error of omission, or other wrongdoing, you may be able to file a lawsuit in civil court or file a claim to collect damages. Many cases can be resolved without litigation.

Although each legal action is different, some of the most common Personal Injury Cases involve:

  • Motor vehicle automobile accidents (i.e. car, commercial truck and light truck, bus, van, sport utility vehicles, all terrain vehicles and motorcycle crashes). Example: An Alabama commercial trucker, exhausted from working too many hours, veers out of his lane and runs you off the road. Your legal targets could include the trucker, the company that hired or trained that trucker, and the insurers that represent those parties. On the surface, this can appear to be as a result of driver error. However, in many cases, the real culprit is a powerful corporation that has made a decision to value profits and productivity over safety. Therefore, cases like this need to be addressed not only to protect your legal rights but to protect your community from unsafe business practices. Further, we all know the dangers of drinking and driving or texting while driving, but there are numerous automobile wrecks caused by this dangerous activity. The civil justice system has a role in bringing this to light to be corrected to make it right and protect the public;
  • Defective product or product liability cases. Example: your daughter cuts her lip on a toy that’s supposed to be safe. She needs surgery to stop the bleeding. A more serious situation would involve a choking hazard. A defective products lawsuit could be filed against the designer, manufacturer or distributor of that toy.
  • Industrial/workplace injuries and accidents. Example: A man does not return home to his family after a long day on the job because of an explosion in a coal mine, or a welder called in to work to repair a piece of industrial machinery is crushed inside, leaving behind a family that depends on him. A loved diagnosed with mesothelioma. Exposure to asbestos is the only know cause of this deadly cancer. Most often asbestos exposure results in an industrial or workplace environment.
  • Nursing home abuse and neglect. People in the USA and Alabama are living longer fuller lives. Many elderly Americans and Alabamans find it necessary to reside in nursing homes throughout the country and Alabama. For the residents of nursing homes, it can be the most vulnerable time of their adult lives. Often, they are very dependent on the staff and place trust in the staff for their care. Our elderly deserve proper care, treatment and respect. After all, they are responsible for making America great. Unfortunately, that trust is broken sometime, and the quality of care in the nursing home does not meet legal standards and can rise to the level of abuse and neglect. Signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect can include the following:
    • Pressure Sores or Bedsores
    • Dehydration
    • Broken bones
    • Unexplained bruising
    • Falls
    • Malnutrition

If a member of your family has suffered abuse or neglect while a resident of a nursing home you may have a claim against the nursing home that need to be addressed for your family and you as well as your community.

It is sad, but these are all examples of giant corporations that place priority on value of money over human life and safety. This needs to be addressed for the well-being of your family and you as well as the safety of the community.

Getting Help from a Respected Alabama Injury Attorney

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