Dothan Alabama Personal Injury and Accident Lawyers Settle Motorcycle Wreck Claim Involving 18 Wheeler Referred by Client

by Aaron Gartlan

December 18, 2013 | Truck Accidents

Dothan Alabama Personal Injury and Accident Lawyer Aaron Gartlan of the Gartlan Injury Law recently settled a claim with Sedgwick Insurance Company without filing a lawsuit on behalf of a good, honest, Alabama retiree for injuries and damages, including medical bills, pain, suffering and mental anguish that he sustained as a result of a collision he experienced on a motorcycle with a commercial 18 wheeler truck, which was prompted by a careless driver that failed to yield the right of way. The impact ejected the retiree off of the motorcycle and knocked the bike over one hundred feet before it came to rest in a parking lot. The Alabama retiree was referred to the Gartlan Injury Law after the motorcycle wreck by another client.

Immediately following the wreck, local emergency medical services was dispatched. Upon arrival, wounds were observed to the right foot, right forearm, left hand and right shoulder and wound care was performed successfully. The Alabama retiree received oxygen, a cervical collar was placed, and he was moved to a backboard. Then, he was transported by ambulance to emergency department of the local hospital.

Upon arrival at the emergency department, he complained of neck pain, tenderness of the left mid cervical area and right mid cervical area, left trapezius and right trapezius. An IV was administered and he received Zofran and Morphine intravenously. The attending physicians and nurses performed wound care to the abrasions located on the posterior aspect of his right shoulder, right tricep, right elbow, and left hand. The Alabama retiree was then taken to the radiology department where X-rays of his right foot, left hand, chest and cervical spine were performed. He was diagnosed with Acute Myofascial Strain; Abrasion of Multiple Sites and Multiple Contusions. Upon discharge, he was instructed to follow-up with a physician in two or three days and prescribed Lortab and Zanaflex.

The Alabama retiree was next treated at a local urgent care facility, wherein he was advised to return in one week without his bandages for a re-check of his wound to look for any signs of possible infection and to make sure the wounds were healing properly. He returned for wound care and the stiffness he continued to experience in his ankle. In order to rule out a possible fracture, an x-ray of his ankle was taken.

Due to the neck pain and stiffness that the Alabama retiree continued to experience, as a result of the motorcycle accident, he was treated by at a local Chiropractic office. He received cervical x-rays, comp posture analyses, hydrotherapy, electrical stimulation, comp-rom exams and x-ray digitization/scanning, which seemed to alleviate the pain in his neck.

Again, the Gartlan Injury Law was able to settle this motorcycle accident case without filing a lawsuit, which compensated the Alabama retiree for his medical bills, pain, suffering and mental anguish. The Gartlan Injury Law is proud of results like this and that our clients bestow the compliment of recommending us to their friends and family. The Gartlan Injury Law strives everyday to honor that trust.


Aaron Gartlan is a graduate of Troy University and the Thomas Goode Jones School of Law who focuses his practice exclusively on representing those injured by the wrongdoing of others. He is member of the National Trial Lawyers Association’s Top 100 Trial Lawyers, Million Dollar Advocates Forum and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. In addition to his legal practice, Aaron teaches Business Law as an adjunct instructor at Troy University’s Sorrell College of Business and serves as a field artillery sergeant in the Alabama National Guard.

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