Myth #5: Limiting lawsuits will reduce the financial burden on our society. This Goliath Myth goes hand in hand with Myth #2. It suggests that injured victims are just crybabies begging for a handout

March 23, 2015 | Personal Injury

The Actual Reality: As any experienced, observant personal injury lawyer will tell you, plaintiffs do not have this mentality. If anything, they worry about “causing a stir” and being too aggressive. Victims do not feel falsely entitled. Rather, they feel shy and Oftentimes, victims “under act” and “under represent” their interests. As a result, they often get unfairly taken advantage of. When injured victims do not receive fair compensation, they often wind up becoming wards of the state. This means that the burden of care (and all those costs!) fall to taxpayers like you. Meanwhile, the liable parties– a negligent or incompetent driver or employer, corporation or insurance company – get off scott free, while taxpayers pay. How is that fair? It’s not. Lawsuits thus make our collective financial burden fairer by providing a crucial mechanism by which irresponsible people and companies can be compelled to pay their share of the damages they helped to create.

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