The Gartlan Injury Law Offers Free Book to Those Impacted by Personal Injury and Accidents

by Aaron Gartlan

February 26, 2013 | Auto Accidents

The Gartlan Injury Law is pleased to offer a free book entitled David vs. Goliath: The Slingshot, Shepherd’s Bag, Five Smooth Stones and Invisible Armor You Need for Justice for those impacted by personal injury and accidents. Our book has been written to arm those impacted by personal injury and accidents with the necessary information to stand up and face the giant corporations. Please read the following forward and contact the Gartlan Injury Law to learn more or to obtain a free copy.


David and Goliath: The Biblical Story and the Metaphor

Most Southerners are at least somewhat familiar with the Biblical teaching of David and Goliath. The lesson comes from 1 Samuel 17 and concerns an epic battle between the Philistine army and the army of the Israelites. The two armies had come to clash in a deep, steep valley. As they prepped for battle, the strongest man in the Philistine army – a nine-foot tall giant named Goliath – stepped forward and challenged the Israelites to take him on. Goliath was a professionally trained warrior adorned in massive armor and armed to the hilt. Even Saul, the King of the Israelites, was terrified to take on this beast — and Saul was the tallest of the bunch! For 40 days, Goliath mocked and taunted the Israelites, saying, “If someone can fight me and kill me, then you win.” Not even the bravest soldier in the army was up for the challenge.

But then entered David. David was a young teenager – the youngest of eight brothers – and he worked as a simple shepherd. At his father’s instruction, David went to the battlefield to check on his older brothers that were in the military and bring them some food, but when he heard about Goliath’s boasting, the young shepherd boy sprang to action. He demanded to know who the uncircumcised Philistine was that he should defy the armies of God. David wanted to take up the gauntlet and fight the giant!

Unsurprisingly, David was met with resistance. His brothers ridiculed him. Even King Saul thought David fighting Goliath was a bad plan for obvious reasons. But David persisted and got his way; he would have an audience before Goliath. Saul provided David the best armor. David tried it on and decided not to use it because it was bulky and awkward to move in. He wasn’t used to it and knew he would be defeated if he tried to face the giant Goliath with conventional methods of combat.

A shepherd boy by trade, David’s skills of protecting the flock against lions, wolves and other wild animals and dangers had already been developed. David was very experienced with his sling and was also protected with the invisible armor of God. The Israelites saw Goliath as a strong giant monster of a warrior that was unbeatable, but David saw a target that he couldn’t miss. David had confidence that he had the right plan and he knew the invisible armor of God gave him both the wisdom and the courage to face and defeat Goliath in David’s own unconventional way.

As David approached the nine-foot warrior, Goliath and his shield bearer taunted and threatened him. David remained confident. He was armed only with five smooth stones in his shepherd bag, the trusty sling he used as a shepherd to fight off wild predators who threatened his flock, and the invisible armor of God.

David demolished him with a single strategic shot from his sling. The smooth stone sailed through a hole in Goliath’s armor, hit the beast in the forehead, and knocked him out. David then slayed Goliath using the big man’s own sword, and he led the Israelites to victory as the Philistines fled.

The miracle of David’s victory has resonated strongly through the ages. It celebrates the capacity of the underdog to pull off upsets that defy conventional wisdom.

Indeed, the David and Goliath lesson is so well known that it’s now considered the archetypal “underdog victory.” In sports, when an outmatched team wins a major game or tournament, pundits will often refer to such a victory as a “David versus Goliath” story.

The metaphor can be aptly applied to Alabama personal injury claims, as we are about to see.

You may contact the Gartlan Injury Law to learn more or to obtain a free copy of David vs. Goliath: The Slingshot, Shepherd’s Bag, Five Smooth Stones and Invisible Armor You Need for Justice.


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