Who Are Goliath’s Natural Allies, and What Are Their Strategies? – Part One (1)

by Aaron Gartlan

December 28, 2015 | Your Case Value

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As a deep-pocketed individual, Goliath has friends in high places. His natural allies include healthcare providers, politicians, judges, lobbying groups and big businesses.

Goliath boasts cozy relationships with politicians, lobbyists, and businesses — and even institutions designed to protect consumers and victims. Some (true to life) examples of Goliath’s flouting of his power are so extravagant that they sound like they are pulled from comic books.

Here are five strategies Goliath and his allies use:

Strategy #1: Limit claims to make more money.

The less money Goliath and his allies must pay for your claim, the more money they get to keep as profit. This is simple, irrefutable fact. Many of Goliath’s strategies – especially how he leverages his relationships with his allies – flow from this fact.

Strategy #2: Goliath and his allies trumpet myths about Tort Reform.

In section one, we went over (and exploded) eight of Goliath’s favorite Tort Reform myths. Like a vampire or a zombie, however, these myths just will not die, no matter how many facts are hurled through their hearts. Healthcare providers, businesses, lobbying groups, and politicians and judges allied with Goliath all have an interest in maintaining the status quo – that is, blaming attorneys and victims to deflect attention from their own faults. To that end, they join in the Amen chorus about Tort Reform. Unfortunately, Goliath and his allies have enormous microphones – incredible power to shape the conventional wisdom. So the myths they create become entrenched in our culture and extremely difficult to dislodge.

Strategy #3: They buy judges and legislators.

This claim may sound absurd — a bridge too far. After all, we have grown up believing – or at least hoping – that our elected officials and the judges who preside over legal system act ethically and objectively. Indeed, many judges and legislators are fine civil servants. But do not underestimate the political power that Goliath wields…

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