Who Are Goliath’s Natural Allies, And What Are Their Strategies? – Part Three (3) – Conclusion

by Aaron Gartlan

February 10, 2016 | Your Case Value

The Alabama personal injury and accident trial lawyers of the Gartlan Injury Law in Dothan welcome you for part two (3) and the conclusion of this series regarding Goliath’s natural allies and strategies. Goliath uses intimidation and bully tactics. However, we encourage you to seek the guidance of your Alabama personal injury lawyer when necessary and to not be fooled by Goliath’s ploys and tricks.

Strategy #5: They distract attention/downplay the real problems (e.g. unsafe work place).

Goliath and company seek to distract victims (and Americans in general) from the real causes of their problems. It is a classic “bread and circuses” gambit. Don not pay attention to the real reasons why premiums have spiked — i.e. because insurance companies gambled away our money on crazy investments. Instead, blame the issue on “too many lawsuits,” conveniently leaving out the fact that the number of lawsuits has declined while rates have spiked.

It is not fair to pick on Goliath and his cronies just for their size, power, and influence. We live in a capitalist society. It is great that businesses exist; in their pursuit of profit, they do a lot of good for our society. The problem is when the parties in power, like Goliath, shirk their responsibility to the community. Safety starts at the top.

In one of our cases, a worker at an industrial facility died when a co-worker turned off a machine which caused a gate to close on a man doing welding and maintenance work inside of the machine while the first worker was inside it. The company did not do the right thing. Instead of admitting that the safety process had gone awry and offering to make amends, the company takes every legal avenue to minimize their responsibility and forces the family into litigation. In reality, the higher-ups were not looking at their safety systems effectively enough or this man would still be alive.

Think about it this way. Imagine if that company had kept $1 million of its money inside that machine. Do you think that “safety glitch” would have occurred? Or would the company have been so concerned about their money that they would have engineered a fail safe system to prevent the machine from accidentally shredding the big bag of money? Those questions may sound cynical. But the reality is that Goliath and his allies have a really nasty habit of trying to divert attention from their own issues.

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