Seven Key Mistakes Personal Injury And Accident Victims Make When Trusting A Modern-Day Goliath

April 8, 2015 | Personal Injury

Mistake #5: Trusting Goliath’s “good intentions”

As much as we keep stressing Goliath’s self-interestedness, we are not trying to say that personal injury and bodily injury insurance adjusters are bad people. It is just that the goal of the insurer is to keep and make as much money as possible.

Here is a good analogy. Imagine you are going out to play a game of touch football with your friends, but during the game, you are in competition. So, you don not just hand over the ball out of good faith. You are trying to score points and win!

Now, your personal injury and your bodily injury claim may not seem like a “game” to you; it may be life and death business. But to an insurance company, your personal injury and bodily injury claim is kind of like a game; it is a question of maximizing profits. You may understand all this intellectually and be nodding your head, like “Yeah, yeah, I get it already” about Goliath’s “real nature.” But when it comes down to actually getting on the telephone with a personal injury and bodily injury insurance adjuster and actually dealing with these issues in your life, you may still be tempted to believe that your insurance company representative is an exception to the rule. Here, the old adage applies: trust but verify.

The right wrongful death lawyer, personal injury lawyer or accident lawyer can help you trust but verify.

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